Oaxaca is the most bio diverse state in Mexico and also the birdiest state, with nearly 700 species of birds recorded within the state, come and enjoy with me the birds of my gorgeous Oaxaca.

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My name is Eric Antonio Martinez, i have birded the area of Oaxaca for nearly 20 years, my interest started in my own Village Teotitlan del Valle, but the birds have taken me to many other parts of the world, i have volunteer and worked at the Long-point bird observatory in Ontario Canada, i Do a visit every year to Cuba to visit some of my family and do birding of course, and i travel extensively within Mexico to enjoy the birds of my beloved Mexico, the birds are truly a passion in my life. get in touch with me at mirmidons_1987@yahoo.com

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Shoot me an e mail and i will try to get back to you as soon as birding activity diminishes


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